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Rubber Sheet



Product Name:

Rubber Sheet

Product Description£º
1. The product is resistant to pressure, impact, friction coefficient, elasticity, shock resistance, strong protection
2. It has good temperature resistance and anti-infrared performance. 3. It can be used normally in the range of minus 10 degrees to 100 degrees, which can meet the needs of different places.
4. Insulation, sound insulation, antistatic, flame retardant, moisture proof, the shockproof, breathable, large safety factor
5. Non-toxic, no stimulation to the human body, no pollution, no growth of microorganisms
6. Diverse specifications, rich colors, no reflection, beautiful appearance, can be combined with a variety of patterns
Convenient construction, glued or directly laid

The rubber sheet is a new type of functional floor covering material that can be used indoors and outdoors. The color can be customized, the elasticity and hardness are appropriate, the visual softness, the foot feels comfortable, the body and mind relax, the body is safely protected, and the health care function

NO.HDC-69 Rubber Sheet

NO.HDC-70 Rubber Sheet

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